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Price: $12,995

To keep up with the development of DWDM optical communication devices, Fujikura developed the FSM-40F for high-strength splicing. The FSM-40F splices dissimilar fiber combinations, especially Erbium-doped fiber to single-mode fiber using patented sweep arc functions.
  • Sweep arc technology minimizes splice loss when splicing dissimilar fibers
  • Multi-functional movable V-groove and Z-mechanism provides short cleave length splicing with various coating diameters for high tensile strength splicing and small packaging requirements
  • Fiber holder system increases splicing results by reducing skill dependency
  • PC Interface and power meter feedback function allows download of splice results and modification of parameters by connection of RS232C cable to PC

  • Application:
  • Opto-electronic component manufacturing, high strength splicing, splicing specialty or dissimilar fibers
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