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To keep up with the development of DWDM optical communication devices, we developed the FSM-40PM for splicing of PM fibers. The FSM-40PM splices dissimilar fiber combinations, especially Erbium-doped fiber to single-mode fiber using patented sweep arc functions in addition to excellent PM capabilities. Designed for accuracy and increased productivity, the 40PM offers fully automatic splicing modes for PANDA and 3M Tiger T fibers.
  • Sweep arc technology minimizes splice loss when splicing dissimilar fibers
  • Multi-functional movable V-groove and Z-mechanism provides short cleave length splicing with various coating diameters for high tensile strength splicing and small packaging requirements
  • Fiber holder system increases splicing results by reducing skill dependency
  • PC Interface and power meter feedback function allows download of splice results and modification of parameters by connection of RS232C cable to PC

  • Application:
  • Opto-electronic component manufacturing
  • High strength splicing
  • Splicing specialty or dissimilar fibers
  • Splicing polarization maintaining fibers
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