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Price: $10,000

The Affinity AFS1000 Automated Fusion Splicing System is designed to meet the needs of today's optical manufacturers. The AFS1000 system is the fastest automated fusion splicer on the market today. It strips, cleans, cleaves, splices, and proof-tests optical fibers - completing a splice every 40 seconds. Through the combination of proven Fujikura splicing components and technology, and automation expertise from NEXT Fiber Systems, the AFS1000 provides a cost-effective solution for optical manufacturers looking to boost productivity, improve quality, reduce rework, and increase production flexibility.

The AFS1000 uses a LabVIEWTM based operating software that enables processing of multiple fiber types simultaneously. Its moving pallet design accommodates various opto-electronic module sizes using minimal fiber length. The system utilizes a fiber handling pallet that interfaces with key functional stations operating in a parallel mode. These stations include thermal stripping, high-efficiency cleaning, precision cleaving and fiber splicing.

  • 90 splices per hour
  • Stripping, cleaving, & splicing processes are based on proven Fujikura technology
  • Strip validation sensing
  • Automatic stripper blade cleaning
  • Fiber cleaning using ultrasonic bath & safe fiber cleaning solvent
  • Cleave confirmation sensing
  • Automatic removal of waste
  • Splice loss estimation alarm
  • Integrated proof testing
  • Application:
  • Opto-electronic component manufacturing
  • Splicing specialty or dissimilar fibers
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