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Request for Quote - Fujikura FSR-02 fiber recoater
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To meet the small package requirements of OEMs, AFL Telecommunications offers the FSR-02 fiber recoater. The FSR-02 eliminates the need for splice protection sleeves by automatically recoating a colored or non-colored fiber back to the original coating diameter after a splice is complete. Programmable for recoating lengths from 4 to 50mm and proof testing from 4 to 20 Newtons, this unit stores data for 100 cycles which are easily downloadable to a PC. For splices that may fail the proof test, the breakage load is displayed. A compact and low profile design makes for comfortable bench top operation in the factory environment.
  • Automatic, easy operation
  • Many user programmable functions
  • Colored and non-colored fiber recoating capability
  • Compact and low profile design for bench-top operation
  • Up to 20N user calibrated proof test capability with breakage load display function
  • User-calibrated resin injection quantity
  • PC interface with RS-232C
  • Data storage for the last 100 cycles
  • Easy-to-exchange molds for 250Ám, 400Ám, and 900Ám coating diameters

  • Application:
  • Factory or lab splicing where space requirements prohibit use of splice protection sleeves
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